How nomination works

It is possible for anyone of respectable social standing or reputation to nominate someone else. Experienced academics, senior executives, established artists and public figures are especially encouraged to nominate. Former recipients are invited to nominate one or more persons every year. Self-nominations though not disqualified are usually not given serious consideration unless outstanding. Joint nominations are not accepted.

The names of nominators are not revealed by us to ensure a fair selection process at present and in the future. The names of nominees can only be revealed after some years have elapsed. Nomination must be submitted by filling out a form and sent to us accompanied with a letter on letterhead not exceeding 4 pages describing the nominee's work and why the person should be selected for the medal. Upto 2 letters of support from people who are familiar with the person’s work may be provided but are not strictly necessary. Multiple nominations in 1 or more categories as well as renominations are allowed. Please contact us for questions.