Q. Is there any prize money?
A. Disbursing monies is deemed antithetical to the ideals on which the Medal is granted. Prize monies are hence not awarded to the Honorees.

Q. What exactly does each Honoree receive?
A. The Medal is handed or shipped along with Dicitur Honoris to the Honoree soon after the results are declared. Each Honoree receives an assortment of gifts at the Banquet event.

Q. What is Dicitur Honoris?
A. Dicitur Honoris, Latin for “this is called honor”, is a handmade parchment declaring in writing the highest honor bestowed upon the Honoree by the virtue of the Medal.

Q. What are the 11 categories of the Medal?
A. The 11 categories in which the Medal is presented are Literature, Music, Cinema, Art, Philosophy, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, La Generale.

Q. Why is there a gap after 2020?
A. Granting of the Medal has been suspended until further announcement due to the pandemic.

Q. Who are on the panel of jury?
A. The identities of the jurors are not disclosed to ensure a fair nomination and voting process.

Q. Who designed the Medal?
A. The Medal and all artworks were designed by J. A. Armenson.